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  • Watercraft
  • Aircraft
  • Hospitals 
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  • Physical therapy
  • Specialist
  • Lobby Seating
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  • Salons & Spas
  • Banquet seating
  • Auditorium seating
  • Office furniture
  • Gym mats & padded wall
  • Misc. upholstery


   Dane Custom Upholstery
          256 E. Pike St., Morrow, Ohio 45152        

      Reupholstering the Tri-state for over 30 years
256 Pike Street
Morrow, Ohio 45152

   Dane Upholstery has become one of the premier upholstery shops in the tri-state area.  Besides being featured in national automotive publications, Dane Upholstery has won awards for creative upholstery at custom car shows.  Over the years Dane has expanded into the healthcare industry, commercial applications, office furniture, and more.  Attention to detail and quality work has earned Dane Upholstery praise among healthcare professionals and business owners.  Please feel free to browse through our website to view capabilities, photo's, and references.

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